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Unlike just about every other crime on the books, DUI requires no intent to commit the crime. Most people who commit the crime of driving under the influence have absolutely no intent to do so, and don’t even know when they are doing it. A crime you can commit without even knowing it? Yes. You don’t have a personal blood alcohol monitor with you at all times do you? There is basically no way to know if you are over the legal limit. With recent changes in the law, the BAC limit has been lowered to the point that many people can reach the limit with only a drink or two - long before they begin to feel the effects of alcohol in their system.

That is why DUI affects every walk of life.  All kinds of people get DUI's: Doctors, lawyers, actors, politicians - everyone. You don’t need to feel like a criminal, and you can get through your first DUI. Here’s how:

  1. Seek advice from an attorney immediately. You have (10) days from the date of your arrest to save your driver’s license.

  2. Work closely with your attorney, you may only need to lose your license for one month on a first time DUI.

  3. Follow instructions. If you take the proper steps, and keep all of your appointments.


Will I be put in jail?

Generally, If you have a qualified attorney, not only will you not likely be put in jail, you should have to visit the courthouse no more than one time at most. Your attorney handles the tough parts.


Can I handle my DUI myself? Yes. You can also build your own house, and repair your own car. It’s just a matter of how much skill and knowledge you possess. While walking in and pleading guilty may produce perfectly acceptable results, it may also cost you dearly.


If I want to fight it, will I have to go through a trial?

Not always. Most of the time, a full blown trial will cost you more than the fines and fees will cost. While very few attorneys are willing to admit it to you, trial is very expensive and always a gamble. On a first time DUI, negotiations between your attorney, the judge, and the District Attorney often produce better results without the expense, worry, and embarrassment of a public trial.

How much difference with an attorney make in my case?


Having an Attorney can help keep you out of jail, reduce jail time, minimize inconvience of going to court and possilby even get your case dismissed (depending on the facts of your case).

Who’s The Right Attorney For Me?


Retaining an attorney can be a frustrating and time consuming chore. However, choosing the right attorney can make a big difference in your case.  Hiring an attorney is just like choosing a doctor. You want a seasoned professional that you can talk to and be comfortable with. Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Does the attorney have the time to talk with you?

  • Does the attorney listen to you? (Will he take your individual situation into account and handle your case in your best interest?)

  • Does the attorney intentionally scare you? (Does he or she tell you horror stories or threaten jail if you don’t hire them immediately?)

  • Are the attorney’s fees higher than the fines you’d have to pay anyway?


At THE LAW OFFICES OF DAVID J. SALVIN, we handle a few very important areas of law for real clients - not numbers. If you call to speak with an attorney, you speak only with Mr. Salvin. Just as you expect personal service from your doctor, you expect personal service from your attorney. We provide that personal attention to each of our clients. Mr. Salvin will be happy to speak with you about your DUI matter, and give you all the facts and answer all of your questions

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