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Choosing the lawyer to handle your case when you or a loved one has been charged with a crime is much like finding a surgeon to perform surgery for you.  Not only must the practitioner be knowledgeable in his or her field, but he or she must listen to you, understand your situation, be willing to accept your input and suggestions whenever practical, and most of all, make you comfortable with the entire process.

At the Law Offices of David J. Salvin, you have the confidence and peace of mind that comes from knowing that not only is a highly trained and competent lawyer going to personally handle your case from start to finish, but that Mr. Salvin himself will take the time and effort to explain each and every aspect of the case to you.





Do I have to go to trial on my case?

No- if you don't want to.  Not every case goes to trial. In fact, statistics in Orange County show that less than 10% of all criminal cases actually go before a jury.  Why?   Because of the vast number of cases the District Attorney's Office handles each year, there is simply not enough manpower or money to take each case to trial.   Therefore, the DA is forced to attempt to resolve most cases with the handling defense attorney through negotiation just like a civil case.  While the charges are seldom dropped entirely, they are often changed, reduced or lessened in order to reach a suitable accommodation for all parties involved.  If a defense attorney tells you that you must go to trial, and must pay a retainer of thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars, you should seek a second opinion.

Will I go to jail?

Of course punishment is dependent on the charge and offense, but jail is only one option for penalty.  Many of our clients are able to be diverted from jail to house arrest, community service or probation.

Does a private attorney do any more than the Public Defender?

Yes.  While the Public Defender's Office in most areas works very hard to provide good defense for their clients, they simply do not have the money or manpower to offer you the level of personal attention and support that a private attorney can.  Most Public Defenders are given their caseload each morning and are sent off to Court to find their clients and handle the case.  They may not have ever seen the client or file before that day.  They certainly will not have taken the time to speak with you before meeting you in Court that day.  By and large, Public Defenders and their services can be compared to county emergency rooms.  While they provide good care to a large number of people, they simply cannot give you the level of care that your private doctor can.

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